1. Where do your coffee Beans come from? A: We source our beans from around the world, through only trusted distributors with long-standing reputations in the industry. From these relationships, we've hand selected our favorite coffees that we love. And we hope you will too!
  2. Is there any catch to the Patriot Promise if I want to try the coffee out? A: None at all, you can cancel anytime and ask for a refund on your last order if you're not satisfied with your coffee for ANY reason!
  3. What is the Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee? Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee is not your average blend. Each bag is an energizing, high-performance Patriot coffee blends named after each of the four American Presidents whose faces are carved on Mt. Rushmore. Try the Thomas Jefferson Blend, the Theodore Roosevelt Blend, the Abraham Lincoln Blend, and the George Washington Blend. They are all outstanding coffee blends carefully roasted for you to enjoy at home or at the office. You can try one or all four each month. You get a 17% discount on each blend when you subscribe. We will even pay for your shipping and handling for any combination order over $45! And because of our Patriot Promise, you can cancel anytime without obligation!
  4. How is the Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee Roasted? From our roasters: "Good evening, Our coffee is ethically sourced from all over the world - chosen for the combination of cup, availability and pricing. Coffee is then roasted to order in small batches and immediately packaged in valved bags and shipped as soon as possible. We create custom coffee profiles for each lot.  Roasters have the latest technology but all of our profiles are manually created and each roast is hand controlled by our in house trained roasters."
  5. Where is Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee Roasted? In Temecula, California. Coffee Country.
  6. What makes Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee Unique to Other Gourmet Blends? Our Story. And our commitment to never cut corners. We began this company in order to support independent media who had been de-monetized, and deplatformed - even banned, from platforms like Youtube. Truth Media began to lose careers for speaking out against the fake news, and sponsors rejected them. So we saw the opportunity to help fuel the rise of Truth in Media and took a leap of faith! And now, the reviews speak for themselves!
  7. What else can you add to Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee to enhance it's natural flavor? Each blend of Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee is uniquely roasted to taste great and refreshing, but some Patriots prefer to add additional flavors to treat their taste buds.If you’re a Patriot who prefers to add an extra ingredient or two or three to add flavor or performance, here are 7 common choices you can make: *1) Milk/Cream* - this softens the taste and some Patriots prefer to lighten their Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee Blend *2) Cinnamon* - this has a similar function as sugar or milk and some Patriots use cinnamon as a healthier substitute, especially if they are lactose intolerant. *3) Sugar* - this is the most common enhancement for thousands of Patriot coffee drinkers, and if you are super health conscious you can stick with brown sugar instead of white. *4) Cocoa* - this is the “mocha” lovers additive. Patriots who add a spoon full of cocoa powder to any of the four Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee blends will not only get that yummy taste of mocha, but also healthy nutrients called “polyphenols.” *5) Honey* - this is another healthy and natural alternative to “white sugar” because it sweetens your Great Awakening Gourmet Blend of choice, but the disadvantage most Patriots find that honey’s strong natural flavors can clash with the natural coffee taste. *6) Butter* - this is a counter-intuitive additive to your Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee blend, but most Patriots who add butter for the first time find that it brings them even more energy and suppresses their appetites for several hours. *7) MCT Oil* - this is another counter-intuitive additive to your Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee. Patriots who add a tablespoon of organic, MCT oil find out that it’s a great way to clear “brain fog,” boost physical health and add more energy to their days. *Bottom Line:* Whether you decide to go old school “black” or add one or more of the seven recommended additives listed above, you’ll discover any of the 4 blends of Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee is a patriot way to enrich your day!
  8. Is Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee "Keto-friendly? Keto coffee, also commonly known as butter coffee or "Bulletproof" coffee, doesn’t differ greatly from normal coffee — in fact, it’s just regular coffee with a healthy fat added. Usually this comes in the form of ghee, butter, MCT oil, or even heavy cream which are fats that help increase that feeling of fullness and encourage ketosis. Some keto followers use keto coffee as a replacement for breakfast in the morning, especially if doing something like intermittent fasting.
  9. Is Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee Organic and Eco-Friendly? We carry a gourmet selection of Organic coffees as well. You will find this in our "Organic Coffees" Collection.
  10. What are the preferred ways to brew any of the 4 main Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee blends? For any Patriot, the Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee brewing process is transforming roast coffee bean blends into a tasty beverage. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Patriot who prefers to subscribe to whole beans or grounded beans, you can choose from these following ways to separate your liquid coffee from the Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee grounds:*  (1) Decoction (Boiling): a method used to brew coffee until the 1930s and is still used by Patriots in some parts of America. It’s the simple technique of putting ground coffee in kettle, pour boiling water and let it cool while the grounds sink to the bottom. American “cowboy coffee” is made the same way by heating coarse grounds with water in a pot and the letting the grounds settle and pouring off the liquid to drink.*  (2) Steeping: a method used with a “French press” which is a tall, narrow cylinder with a plunger that includes a metal nylon fine mesh filter. The Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee grounds are placed in the cylinder and then the boiling water is poured in. Most Patriots let the coffee steep for 4-7 minutes and then push down the plunger, leaving the filtered coffee above the plunger and separated from the grounds.*  (3) Filtration: a method also knowns as “dip brew” and is made by allowing boiling water drip onto the coffee grounds held above the pot with a coffee paper filter inside of a basket. (Some Patriots prefer a metal basket that filters the coffee without a paper filter).Another “filtration” brewing process Patriots favor is the “electric percolator, which was universal in the U.S. until the 1970s. It uses pressure to force the boiling water into a chamber above the Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee grounds by relying on gravity to steep the water into delicious coffee.*  (4) Pressure: one convenient method used by thousands of Patriots with the help of a single-serve machine that forces boiling water under low pressure through a ground coffee pod through a proprietary capsule. This is commonly called “single-serve.” Another method is known as “AeroPress,” which is a mechanical, non-electric device where pressure is exerted by the Patriot who manually presses a piston down with their hand, forcing hot water through the coffee grounds in about 30 seconds into a single cup. No matter what method of brewing you prefer, be sure to try all Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee blends to discover which one is idea for your household.
  11. Can Patriot Great Awakening Gourmet Coffee drinkers order more than one blend at a time on a monthly subscription? Yes! You can order as many as you like, or update your subscription at any time!

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